Digital Marketing

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s a Technic in which we follow some rules or guidelines so that our website will be displayed at the top in the search engine to the user.
or we can say it is the process of getting the traffic or user by free/natural method from search engine to our website.
SEO is an organic part to rank our website or we can say we promote our website without spending money on advertising but SEO is a long term process and we must have patience while doing SEO because it takes time to rank our website also it’ a continuing activity as many like us want to rank their website too so it is necessary to do continue work on this.
In SEO we must follow some guidelines or we can say rules that we must have to follow if we want to rank our site.
SEO includes some major topic like Keyword research. This is very basic as well as the necessary factor of SEO. if we don’t focus on this then we will not be able to rank our website ever either we practice too much it doesn’t mean anything.

After the completion of the Keyword research, we have to work on our On-Page SEO factors in which we have to follow some guidelines that enhance our SEO quality.
Some factors for On-Page SEO
Keyword Research
Meta Title
Meta Description
Image Alt Tag
Fresh and Unique Content

Heading Tag and many more.

After this, we will have to work upon Off-Page SEO in which we make quality back links for our website. By these back links, a user came to our website. Back links are those links that come to our web page from somewhere else. When our web page links to any another page, then it is known as a back link.
OFF page activity includes
Bookmarking Submission
Classified Submission
Blog Commenting
Article Submission
PPT Submission
PDF Submission
Image Submission
Question and Answering
and many more

So these are the major factor that we must have to follow for having a rank in the search engine.

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